Cool Homepages

For all of you that like web page design and need some idea on how other are doing it, this is the web site that you should not miss. Tons of links to some highly talented web designers web pages. Two Thumbs up! (English Only)




Gossip, gossip, gossip. If you like gossips, this is the site for you. You will be amazed by the quantity of threads that covers from most corporations (large and small) to daily life in both Hong Kong and Singapore. (English Only)


Inv168 公眾投資論壇

This site is built by some investment pros who let other to discuss anything about stocks and stock markets. If you have any questions and want to find latest speculations, this is the site for you. (Chinese, but occasional English threads).



One of the forums from Hong Kong that I usually visit. Here, their forum topics cover almost everything from stories, investments, music, family, bikes, name it. Very well managed and very friendly staffs.(Chinese, but occasional English threads)


B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) Speakers

The official site of B&W, one of the best speaker manufacturors from UK. (English Only)



The official site of NAD. Manufacturor of HiFi components ranging from Mid-range to High-end equipments.(English Only)


Apple Daily (蘋 果 日 報 )

One of the most distributed newspaper in Hong Kong. Although it claims itself as a mainstream newspaper, it is more of a tabloid than a traditional newspaper. So, you know what to expect from the contents inside. (Chinese Only)


Montreal Gazette

The only mainstream English newspaper in Montreal, Canada. (English Only, occasional French articles)


Orential Daily (東方日報)

The main rival to Apple Daily. It used to be a very traditional newspaper with a long publishing history. However, it changed its style a couple of years ago and became a mix of tabloid and general newspaper, more or less like Apple Daily. It, however, does has a sister paper, The Sun (太陽報), which is almost an equivalent of the Brit's tabloid, The Sun. (Chinese Only)



Looking for latest sports news and score from around the world? ESPN is your answer.(English Only)


MLB (Major League Baseball)

If you are a fan of baseball, you cannot miss this page. The official site of Major League Baseball in North America.(English Only)


NHL (National Hockey League)

The major league of Ice Hockey in North America. (English Only)



Need the latest score of the Premier League in UK? When will be the next match of the European Champion League? You can find it all here.(English Only)



Curling? Ice Hockey? CFL? Want some news about any Canadian sports? There you go.(English Only)